The Outlaw/Hero


The Outlaw is the type of character or person who just does what they feel the right thing is regardless of rules or law. The outlaw can sometimes also be the hero, a hero could have outlaw-ish characteristics and that's the type of outlaw/hero I chose. My character is a writer that is hired by a Fortune 500 company to write a piece about how great their company is to work for and how their operations are fair.

The writer starts out the work with fresh eyes and no opinion but he uncovers a lot of stuff that the higher-up management employees have done in the past and what is still going on. He uncovers that one of the founders of the company is embezzling a small enough amount of money to not show up as more than the accepted number of discrepancies. He has been doing it for 25 years. The writer is not sure what to do with this discovery, not sure if he should notify the person who hired him or to just keep it out of the write-up. He decides to just keep going, ignoring the things that he found, he needs the money and the work.

A few days later as he does some more research and uncovers something even bigger, that this not only goes to the very top but there is also an employee that's been wiring all their trade information and deals to a competing company. The writer decides that he just wants to quit because of the pressure and his personal ethics. He decides to bring it to a publication known for investigative journalism and releasing like-kind news. He decides to bring down the company because of its mess.